Are You Ready To Have Some Fun?


City Cafe and Bama Marketing Group have teamed up to bring you a good ole’ fashion, with a modern twist, fun time where you can kick up your boots, save money on all your everyday purchases, enjoy some awesome door prizes AND help various organizations around town!

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Purchase your 1 year savings package at Sports Travel Savings for $20.  Once inside, you will enjoy savings on all your everyday purchase.

You will save money every day, every week, every month thoughout the year.

Not only do you save money on everything from A to Z, you are also entitled to admission to Miss Cow Patty’s Party, where there will be a HUGE herd of door prizes!

Purchase Savings Package $20, plus $1 Processing Fee

Members are savings over $100 per month just for taking pictures of their grocery receipts *** Members save on tickets and entertainment *** Huge discounts of Travel, you can take a 7 day condo vacation for as little as $100 ***If you can think of it, you can save money on it

Now, GET READY . . . Miss Cow Patty’s Virtual Party is coming!


Everyone gets a door prize!


3 people will be awarded $1,000

All you need to do is register your Sports Travel Savings Package and your Registration Number will be entered.


Lots of Prizes from Local Merchants

Here’s How It Works

Purchase Your Sports Travel Savings Package



You will have access to thousands of merchants, millions of products and services, including some awsome savings from your local merchants.


A portion of the proceeds will be donated to local charties in our area.  Cost is $20 for an entire year of savings on all your everyday purchases.


Activate Your Sports Travel Savings Package



Start saving money on anything and everything you can think of.  You will have 24/7/365 access to a powerful self serve shopping service.  It helps you cut through the distractions of shopping online and brings you to the savings.


Take advantage of the Freebies, the Hot Deals, the Coupons, and the Mobile Apps where you can put money in  your pocket just for purchasing items you were going to purchase anyway.


Miss Cow Patty’s Party

It’s Virtual . . . It’s MOOvelous



Your registration at Sports Travel Savings Package entitles you to an entry into Miss Cow Patty’s Party.  The date of the event will be announced via email when 500 tickets have been sold.


You’re activation code at Sports Travel Savings will be placed in  our Random Number Generator and then on the day of the event, you will receive one of many door prizes.


Miss Cow Patty’s Party is virtual.  You will receive an email letting you know when and where to log into this special event, where door prizes, entertainment, and access to watch our virtual cow “do his business.”

The football field will be divided up into squares with all the Sports Travel Savings Registration Number assigned to individual squares.  As our virtual cow does what we all know he will do, the 1st square the paddy lands on will win one of the main door prizes, $1,000.00.  The 2nd and 3rd square where the paddy lands will also win $1,000.00.  We will continue this process until all major prizes are distributed.

“I got a $200 set of golf wedges and only had to pay the cost of shipping and handling ($29.95).  Plus, I save money every time I play golf.”  Rex-Alabama

Wing in Hong Kong saved over $800 on his airfare to the United States and back to Hong Kong.

“My husband and I purchased carpet and padding and was able to save over $4,000.00 and that included shipping it to our home.  Wow, what a savings!”  Kellie-California

Vivian in Oklahoma had a grocery bill of $126.22.  She used the coupons and after all were deducted, she saved $66.73.  She does this each and every week.

Sports Travel Savings Package $20,
plus $1 Processing Fee


We have thousands of testimonies from people around the world who are savings money on ALL their  every day purchases.

“My mother saves over $460 per year on all your prescriptions”  Terry-Florida

Reeba saved over $600 on a Professional Meat Slicer for her Church.  Gail saved over $200 on an Amish Heater with the Fireplace Insert and she is enjoying savings on your utility bill now!

Ephran’s dog chewed up his laptop charger.  It was going to cost him $139 + tax and they would have to order it.  He looked in the Sports Travel Savings Package and found it for a total of $46 and received it in 2 days.